5 Ways to Wear Autumn’s IT Color

Posted on September 19, 2014 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

We’re not talking about what color skinny jeans you should buy for this season or what shade purse you need to complete your fall wardrobe. We’re talking about makeup and hair. Fall always calls for darker, deeper shades of beauty colors. This fall is not only calling for darker hues of purple but also lighter versions. Here are five ways to wear this seasons hot color.

  1. Lips: This is one of the safest ways to test out a bold new color. We recommend a darker hue of the shade, such as a plum, to create a dramatic look for a night out. Keep the eye makeup on the lighter side as to not overwhelm. Deep plum colors are easy to find and fun to try, but if you want to play it safe while still staying on trend, try pink with a purple-ish tint.

  2. Eyes: A dark purple liner can bring out so many colors from your eye. Since purple is softer than a black liner, it doesn’t create as harsh of a look. And because eyeliner is only used on a tiny part of our eyes, the purple adds just a hint of cool color.

  1. Lids: Purple eye shadow can either be done right or very wrong. A little goes a long way with this color on our eyelids. And the hue of the color definitely matters. For fall, we suggest using a deep purple with a slight shimmer. Instead of covering the whole lid, start at the outer corner and blend it in toward the center. This creates a smoky eye, and the intensity can be adjusted with the amount of blending.

  1. Lashes: A standard mascara color is black, of course. But trying out another color is definitely something we suggest. Because it’s only on your lashes, it’s almost a barely-there color that can only be seen in certain lighting. We recommend using purple mascara for fun occasions and to keep the rest of your eye makeup toned down.

  1. Hair: Purple hair sounds extreme, but if it’s done right or in small proportions it can look great. Lavender is turning up on a lot of celebrities, but there is a way to do it with much less of a commitment. A few highlights carefully placed on a bottom layer of hair allow the purple to peek out occasionally. It’s more understated while still staying with the trend.