Back to the 90′s

Posted on October 10, 2014 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

It’s no wonder that the 90′s are having a revival. Platform shoes, plaid, and high-waisted jeans are all back in style. But what about the hair and makeup of the 90s? They’re back too!

Below is a list of our favorite hair and makeup trends that take us pre-2000!

  1. Lip liner: Not the dark liner and light lipstick, but one solid lip liner all over the lip creates the perfect stained look. Make sure it’s a muted color like dusty red or a grayish purple.

  2. Gloss: It’s nice to have some shine for a night out. But instead of hot pink, try nude.

  3. Highlights: Despite what you’ve heard, highlights are not going out of style. They are just evolving. The balayage technique allows the stripey highlights of the past to appear more natural.

  4. Dark lips: It may have been considered 90s grunge, but now the dark lip is sophisticated and trendy.

  5. Face-framing layers: In the 90s, these were either wavy tendrils coming out of an updo or the wispy Jennifer Aniston from “Friends” type. We like the latter, but when her hair was longer and not in that voluminously layered bob-type cut.

  6. Middle parts: Maybe not the volume surrounding one of these in the 90s, but a middle part with stick straight hair is back in full swing after fashion month.

  7. Long-haired men: You’ve seen it grow. And now it’s long enough to put into a bun.

  8. The bun: In the 90s, it was a small twisted knot. Today, it’s gained size and maturity.

  9. Less is more: When the other 90s trends weren’t displayed, a more natural look was seen on anyone from Kate Moss to Alicia Silverstone as Cher. It’s a fresh look that brings out someones youthfulness, and it was see all over runways this season.