Beauty Resolutions

Posted on January 10, 2015 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

What better excuse to stop a bad beauty habit or pick up a new hair routine than the beginning of a brand new year! The snow has finally fallen on Chicago, and we are ready for a fresh start.

#1) If you have damaged ends and have been to a top salon in Chicago, like ours, then you will have heard your stylist tell you at least once to make regular haircut appointments. This is not because these stylists are hungry for clients and money. It’s because getting your hair cut regularly can prevent split ends from forming and traveling up the shaft of your hair strands. This doesn’t mean you mean to cut 2 inches off every 6 weeks. It simply means getting a trim as often as every month or every 8 weeks.

Some tips: You do not need to see your beloved master stylist every time. Save your drastic haircuts for him or her, and make an appointment with a trusted junior stylist for the in between trims. Ask your usual stylist for recommendations on who they think will work well with your hair.

Bonus: Think of these trips to the salon as an hour of relaxation time. At all our Chicagoland locations we offer a hand massage, scalp massage and blowout with all haircuts. Who wouldn’t want to come back every month?


#2) Stop sleeping with your makeup on! Our mothers and grandmothers have told us this numerous times, but that is the last thing on our mind when it’s midnight and we’ve been awake for 18 hours. Taking your makeup off before bed is one of those things where the effects will either be immediately noticeable or will show up after a few lazy nights in the form of three new pimples on our cheek. How ever long it takes for these blemishes to surface, trust us that they will show up eventually. Save yourself and wash before bed!

Some tips: Use Aveda’s Outer Peace Acne Acne Relief Pads for a quick and easy wash. Also, Aveda’s Beautifying Oil is perfect for breaking up clumped waterproof mascara. Just put a few drops on a cotton pad.

Bonus: If you wash your makeup off right when you get home for the night, you won’t have to worry about it when the sleepiness sets in.


#3) Taking your makeup off before going to bed might not allow you to get more sleep, but it will definitely let you rest easy. No more shadow-smudged pillows! Not only is enough sleep before for your health, but it’s also better for your look. Beauty rest is not a joke. More sleep means less dark circles. If falling asleep is your problem, try using a body lotion with a calming scent, such as Aveda’s Stress Fix line. It contains french lavender, lavandin and clary sage aromas, and it’s clinically proven to relieve some stress! Moisturize and relax before bed and wake up with a well-rested glow.

Some tips: Use the Stress Fix Concentrate on your wrists so the scent lingers.

Bonus: More sleep will put you in a better mood, too.