Brow Game

Posted on March 14, 2015 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

Other than the monthly wax or weekly tweeze, eyebrows are not something that we would have normally thought about. But, eyebrows are quickly becoming a major beauty statement. Unlike the super-thin brow game that played out in the 90’s, the trendsetters of this decade are bringing back eyebrows in full force. From Lily Collins and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to the one who seemingly started it all- Cara Delevingne- full and thick eyebrows are everywhere.

Achieve the look: Not everyone is born with thick and abundant eyebrows, and that’s okay! It’s easy to get this look. You can even use beauty products that are probably already in your makeup bag. You can use a matte, light brown or dark brown (depending on your brow color) eyeshadow. Use a smaller shadow brush or, if you have it, a brush for your brows. They make those! If all your shadows sparkle and shine (not a bad thing), then use a brown eyeliner and lightly fill in your brows with short swipes in one direction.

Things to remember: Slow and steady wins the race! Or in this case, game. Brow game. You don’t want your eyebrows to look overdrawn or too dark. Just like getting a haircut, you can always cut it shorter, but you can’t make it longer. When filling in your brows, start with a little color, then keep adding until you reach your desired look. Yes, you can always douse your brows with makeup remover if you happen to make a mistake, but sometimes we don’t have enough time for that. Also remember to follow the natural shape of your brows. Unless you’re trying a drastic look, it’s always better to keep it looking like you have naturally thick brows.

What to try: Makeup is fun. Trying new looks is how you find your signature look. So, if you’ve mastered the basic brow fill in, try experimenting with an even thicker brow or maybe a colored shadow. Be cautious with the color. Instead of going all in and dying your brows, this is a much more temporary way to test out the color process. Use a dark color, and one that isn’t too far off from colors in nature. We recommend dark maroon or a deep plum.