Colors Of The Season

Posted on April 11, 2016 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

The best part about getting your hair colored is the many ways it can be customized to fit your look and lifestyle. No matter what the trend is, a good stylist can tweak a color or a fix a highlights placement until it works best.

This season we are seeing lots of color. We are finally starting to creep out of the ombre phase and graduate into more edgy and even sophisticated color styles. While the basic ombre embodies a feeling of casual, low maintenance beauty, it’s new improvements include “peek a boo streaks of primary and secondary vibrant shades coming through underneath the base,” Tony Gordon, Owner of Gordon Salons said.

These peek-a-boos and pops of color are great because they can still be subtle and have that same “natural” look that was so coveted about ombres. This almost-random placement of highlights is similar to balayage, but more hidden. It’s different in that these spots of color might appear around your head in an unnatural position: under a few layers or in the mid-section of a strand of hair. The pops are supposed to be a surprise, while balayage highlights placed around in the head in spots that make sense.

Marisa Liddane, Emerging Artist at Gordon Salon in Highland Park, sees hair color trends in blue/green or violet. These fashion colors can be bright and bold, pastel and faded or barely there depending on a person’s base hair color. “I think hippie fashion has definitely influenced the colored hair look,” Marisa said. “Balayage tends to be great for people who don’t want as much upkeep because it tends to grow out naturally if the right shades are used.”

The low maintenance aspect of these rising color looks is why they appeal to most people and why they stay in style. The same is true for pops of color and hidden highlights. Although these looks can be more bold and colorful, their placement gives them the ability to last longer without getting redone so often.

“I think 90s beauty has come back significantly with hair color in the past couple of years,” Emilia Rossini said. She sees the 90s represented in pastels, buttery blondes and auburn colored hair.

When you think about it, the low maintenance grunge of the 90s does translate into the “undone” and “natural” colored hair we are constantly seeing today.