Customized Color: Hair Color Beyond Compare

Posted on August 1, 2012 by Leah

custom colorAll over the United States people are going to salons and walking out without their needs fulfilled. According to Modern Salon Magazine, the biggest complaint in a nation-wide survey was “failure to listen.” After spending the last month thinking deeply about how we do hair color, we have found a solution to this catastrophic dilemma.

Women in the United States have become accustomed to ordering their hair services from a menu, such as partial highlights or a single process color. The truth is most people do not know precisely what their hair needs to look its best. They do not know the full range of options available, how much it will cost, or how much time it will take. To discover all the hair possibilities available, the stylist must sit down with the guest, in a consultation, and discuss what is truly needed. During most appointments a person’s hair needs more than what is on the menu.

This revolutionary new thinking, called customized color, will unleash our stylists’ creativity. It will also give them adequate time to truly care for your hair without any time constraints. These services cannot be scheduled over the phone, please ask your stylist about customized color when you are in for your regular services!