How to Make a Headband

Posted on May 10, 2013 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

Making this cute headband is easy and fun…let’s get our DIY on!

Tools: scissors, thread, needle, elastic hair band, and 3/4 yard ribbon.

1) Thread the needle.  If you like, you can double the thread to make this job quicker.  Simply pull it through the needle so that there is an equal length of thread extending from both sides.  You will need about 8″ of doubled thread.

2) Position the elastic hair band on the inside of the ribbon.  Leave about a 2″ tail of ribbon to wrap around the elastic hair band.

 3) Push the threaded needle through the inside of the ribbon.  Pull through leaving about 2″ of thread on the inside of the ribbon.  Push the threaded needle through going back and pull the thread all the way through the ribbon.  Repeat the sewing process enough times to make sure it is secure.  End with both ends of the thread on the inside of the ribbon.

 4) Tie the ends of the thread in a knot.

5) Place the ribbon on your head where you would like the headband to sit.  With no tension on the ribbon, measure the amount of ribbon you will need to make it a closed loop.  You want the ribbon and elastic hair band to sit smoothly on the head–it does not need to be tight!  If there is too much tension, it will cause the headband to slide up the head.

6) Repeat step 3 to finish the other end of the ribbon.  Cut any extra ribbon.

7) Place the headband on your head.  Check to make sure you like the fit and it doesn’t slide up your head.  **We then added two more ribbons to our head band!  If you want to do this, just repeat steps 1-6.

You’re done!  You just made a beautiful, one-of-a-kind headband!  Make sure to check out next week’s post showing an easy updo using your new headband.

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This look was created and modeled by CJ  —-  Photography by Lindsey.