Dryness Quick Fix

Posted on November 14, 2014 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

The polar vortex is nearing. Besides dry hands, chapped lips and flaky skin, this weather is already taking a toll on our used-to-be luscious locks. We might not have noticed it yet, but the ends of our hair will be brittle before we know it. Let’s be real. We are not going to skip out on that ashy ombre update or suddenly wear our hair au natural for the entirety of this horrid season. Maybe we were in denial about the fast-approaching winter months. Maybe we forgot to switch from out damage-repairing masque to our moisture-infusing one. Maybe we just weren’t thinking about the well-being of our hair at all! Whatever it is, there is a few quick fixes to try.


1. Go unwashed: It might seem like a bad choice, but your hair will thank you. Braid it, tie it up, clip it back or put a hat on. Going an extra day or two without washing you hair will allow your scalp to produce its natural oils that keep your hair moisturized. Sometimes you need that extra coating before you wash it all away and expose your hair to the brisk wind and dry air.

2. Oil the ends: You may have used your moisturizing masque for a full ten minutes in the shower. But just to be sure that the moisture is locked in and your hair stays silky all day and night, add a few extra drops of a silicone-free moisturizing oil to the ends when your hair is dry. This will help protect your hair from the elements and it will keep it looking shiny and smooth.

3. Humidify: It may not be that quick of a fix, but a humidifier can help with a dry nose or throat the same way it will help with dry hair. If you are sleeping for a period of time is an environment with more moisture in the air, it will allow your hair to be less dry when you wake up in the morning. The same effect can be achieved by creating a steam room in your shower.

These solutions are great for a quick fix, but the more you create a habit out of these tasks, the more your hair will thank you. It takes time to make anything better, and hair no exception.