Festival Ready

Posted on June 4, 2015 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

Thirty-two million people attend at least one music festival a year, according to a recent article in Billboard. Besides Lollapalooza, Chicago Blues Festival and Pitchfork Music Festival, there are more than 70 other festivals happening in Chicago this summer. From art to food, there are at least 3 festivals to choose from on any given summer weekend in the city. Not only does this mean your summer is already very busy, but you also get to try out lots of new festival-inspired beauty looks. It’s time to dig out your neon eyeliner from the bottom of your makeup bag.

The first step in getting festival ready is your hair. This doesn’t have to be a drastic change. Festivals typically only last a few days, so any changes to your hair shouldn’t be permanent. Unless you like that look! Before your monthly visit to the salon, ask your stylist to add some extra time to your appointment for a couple colored highlights. Aveda hair color is meant to look natural no matter what hue. We suggest light pink if you have light colored hair or shades of blue or purple if you have darker hair. We also recommend having your stylist place this foiled highlight underneath a few layers of hair so it’s not always showing. It will be a fun surprise when you tie your hair up or braid it.

The next step is makeup. Depending on the type of festival you are going to, your makeup can either be technicolored or have just a splash of color. For a music festival, you can go all out with colored eye shadow, mascara and even eyeliner designs around your eyes. For a tribal look, use Aveda’s petal essence eye definer in tidepool. Start by lining your lower lash line with a thick line. Then continue as if you were drawing a cat-eyed look, but instead of a solid line, draw three tiny dots that move upward. For a simpler look that is still artsy, focus on your lips. Line your lips with Aveda’s nourish-mint lip liner in dragon fruit, then top with nourish-mint smoothing lip color in limited edition magenta berry. The combination of bright colors with make your lips pop.

The last step to being ready for festivals and pretty much any summer event is skin. Yes, skincare is important, but this step goes above and beyond. Sunny skies make it extremely tempting to have your skin shimmer every day of the week. Do not go overboard, though. You don’t want to look like a gold statue. Use a powder brush to apply a shimmery face accent, like Aveda’s bronze glow, to your cheekbones, forehead and chin. This will also add some color to your skin so it looks like you’ve been out in the sun. For added effect, brush the powder on the top side of your forearms, chest and legs. You will be a glimmer in any light.