For the Love of Beauty

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

For some people, Valentine’s Day is shared with a significant other. For some, it’s shared with your best friends. For others, it may be a time for personal reflection or to catch up on TV shows. Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans are, we have some beauty tips for you.

1. If your significant other has extravagant plans for this lovely holiday, such as a romantic dinner, it’s definitely okay to play up your look. But it’s still important to keep it true to you. We suggest a shimmery eye by using the warm yellow shade on Aveda’s petal essence eye color  trio in Aqua Pearl over your whole lid. Use a darker but still warm color to accent your eyes in the creases and corners, such as Allspice in the single eye color or the dark brown in the Golden Jasper trio. Don’t forget mascara! With a warm and subtle eye, you can go for deeper more dramatic lip color. We love Aveda’s Sheer Roseleaf nourish-mint mineral lip color over a red liner to make it pop.

2. There is nothing wrong with spending this sometimes-silly holiday with your best friends or family. For a relaxed evening that may involve seeing a movie or grabbing a drink at a casual bar, we recommend a light and fresh but still mature look. Apply Black Orchid petal essence eye definer as close as you can get to your lashes on your top lid. Carefully wing the liner out into a subtle cat-eye. Cover the rest of your lid in a neutral cream-colored shadow. Aveda’s petal essence single color in Aurora is good or try Illumination for some extra shine. Finish with mascara. Try a pinkish-red lip color with no shine. You can always add a swipe of shimmery blush on your cheekbones.

3. Valentine’s Day is just another regular day for some people, and there is nothing wrong with that. With this Chicago weather you who wouldn’t want to stay home and get cozy by the fire or on the couch. If this Saturday night is reserved for chinese takeout and a Shameless marathon, follow these beauty steps: Apply a generous layer of Aveda’s deep cleansing herbal clay masque to all areas of your face. Follow up by putting a coat of the lip saver on your lips. Apply hand relief night renewal serum to your hands and top it with a layer of hand relief moisturizing creme. Sit on your couch and let your skin be renewed and refreshed.