Going Gray

Posted on December 12, 2014 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

Going gray is term that most generally describes someone whose hair is

turning gray for natural reasons that are out of their control. Whether it’s genetics or unwanted stress or just old age, gray hair will find you sooner or later. While most people hope these silver streaks show up much later in life, some daring folks are actually choosing to go gray. Just like how ombre looks like you intentionally let your lighter locks grow out (and it magically faded perfectly with your natural color), voluntarily going gray is another hair trend picking up speed. But we don’t think this one is as easy to pull off.

The process of voluntarily going gray involves a lot of decisions, as most major color transformations do. But a lot of the outcome of graying your hair depends on your natural color. Whether you want your newly gray hair to be of the darker shades or lighter shades depends on the expertise of your hair stylist. Make sure you go to someone you trust. And bring in pictures of your inspiration. Newly grayed Zosia Mamet has a nice richness to try and replicate.

Dying your whole head a different color is a huge commitment no matter if it’s gray or red. Be prepared to visit your salon on a routine basis to make sure your outgrowth does not taint this ghostly look.

Don’t stress. We don’t want anyone to bring in unwanted gray by stressing about a process that is supposed to leave you with a head of requested and carefully formulated gray.