Guide to: Aveda Volumizing Products – with expert advice from Highland Park stylist, Peyton Barlow

Posted on June 4, 2015 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

No one wants flat hair. And no one has to have flat hair. From shampoos to sprays, there are an abundance of products out there to help your hair reach higher levels. But not just any product that promises to lift your roots or thicken your strands will actually do that for your hair. Everyones hair is different, and every product is different. As one of the best Chicago salons, our stylists want all of their clients to leave the salon with a voluminous and beautiful look. They want you to be able to get that look at home, too. Below is a guide to all of Avedas volumizing and thickening products.


Thickening Tonic: This product is great for people with fine to medium hair. This product adds thickness from root to end. “I find that it also gives the hair amazing body and fullness that looks extremely natural,” said Peyton Barlow, a stylist at our Highland Park location. Added Bonus: Natural looking volume.


Volumizing Tonic: The original tonic provides a lift at the root of hair that is activated by using heat. Peyton uses this product for all hair types because it never fails to leave hair with a healthy bounce and shine. She will use this tonic after applying the smooth infusion style prep for a volumized yet defrizzed look. This combo works great on clients with curly hair that still want a smooth look, she said. Expert Tip: Great for layering over other products even with fine hair.


Phomollient: For someone that likes to be able to layer up on volume, this product is perfect. It’s much lighter than most styling foams and mousses, so it’s easy to layer it on itself to build as much volume as you need or like. This is great for fine hair, but can also be used on the ends of medium to thick hair to hold a curl or add a little extra lift. Added Bonus: Marshmallow root and air-infused technology creates weightless volume.


Pure Abundance Style Prep: This is a long-time favorite of many Aveda users. It adds a lot of textured volume to hair, but still keeps it looking natural. There is no shiny finish, but that is perfect for a more tousled beachy vibe. This product also detangles hair and protects it from thermal damage from heat styling. It can also refresh your hair and add volume on second-day hair. Just spray on dry strands then blow dry in. This spray works on all hair types. Expert Tip: Shake the bottle before every few spritzes to activate the ingredients.
Pure Abundance Hair Potion: This little bottle is sometimes considered to be Aveda’s version of a dry shampoo. It’s filled with a light powder substance that turns sticky when it’s added and worked into hair. Pour this product directly onto your roots (squeeze the bottle to get it out), and use your fingers to work it into your hair. The hair potion is a workable product, “If you have it in your hair and notice your hair seems to be falling or losing volume midday,” said Peyton, “you can tousle your hair at the roots and the product will reactivate to give you that lift again.” The potion also works great to lift and absorb oil in second day hair. Warning: Be careful. Shaking the bottle will cause the product to liquify inside and become unusable.