Guide to: Aveda’s Body Lotions

Posted on January 30, 2015 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

At all three of our Chicago salons, we live the Aveda lifestyle. Our stylists and employees don’t just stop at hair care and hair styling products, no! We are Aveda in everything we use. Whether it’s the season’s of-the-moment nourish-mint smoothing lip color (Rare Orchid) or our go to exfoliant (Botanical Kinetics), we live and breathe Aveda like it’s our job.

Luckily, there are usually many options when looking for a certain shampoo or post blow dry hair spray. But sometimes, it’s difficult to make a choice. In this first segment of Gordon Salons Guide to Aveda, we will tour the multi-dimensional world of Aveda’s body lotions.

Shampure: The scent of Shampure is a staple for all Aveda fans. It’s clean and sharp, and is liked by men and women. It took a while for this beloved shampoo/conditioner combo to become it’s very own body lotion. But now it’s here to stay! Despite containing 25 pure flower and plant essences in it, this simple lotion is great for kids and adults. It’s gentle, non-sticky and sulfate-free.

Beautifying: We all know and love Beautifying Composition. So finally Aveda brought the holiday edition of this line in it’s moisturizer and cleanser for back for good. One thing that Beautifying fans can’t get enough of is the mild scent of shea butter mixed with rosemary, bergamot and a touch of lavender. Beautifying body moisturizer is made with organic olive oil and organic safflower oil to create an extra nourishing lotion that is perfect for post-shower skin.

Stress Fix: Anyone who has suffered from stress of any kind and any degree should be running to grab this life-changing lotion. First out was the body lotion. It’s a thin consistency that smells like French lavender, lavandin and clary sage. The body creme was a second addition to the Stress Fix line. The creme has a thicker feel that is amazing for dry skin in the winter. It’s rich, but still absorbs well into pores. It also provides 24-moisture, which is a bit more hydrating than the lotion. This tub of stress-reducing creme contains sustainably harvested sea algae for a deeply hydrating experience.

Rosemary Mint: This scent alone could carry the entire Aveda line. It’s definitely a classic and another of Aveda’s most well-known aromas. This lotion is light weight. It smooths onto skin in a non-sticky way. After absorbed, your skin will be invigorated from a time-release aroma of rosemary and peppermint. This softening lotion is great to awaken your senses in the morning.

Replenishing Moisturizer: One of my personal favorites, the Replenishing Moisturizer is a tube of vitamins, oils and meadowfoam. What is meadowfoam? It’s an edible seed oil that is made almost entirely out of fatty acids. In moisturizer, that means it restores dry skin. I love this product for its velvety feel, non-sticky formula and how fast it sinks into my skin. This underrated lotion is optimal for everyday use on arms legs, hands, anywhere!