Headband Updo

Posted on May 17, 2013 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

This headband updo is beautiful and easy to do!  It works on most hair lengths (anything below the chin) and any hair texture.  We love this look for a go-to style for the summer.

1) Place headband over the top of your hair.  Any headband that has a type of elastic will work. We made our own headband, click to lean how!

2) Starting on one side take a section and twist hair away from face.

3) Tuck hair into headband. Work to half way in back of head.

4) Continue tucking on the other side of the head starting in the front again.

5) Roll all the hair in with your hands.

6)Using bobby pins secure any hair that might be falling out and to help perfect the shape.

7) Finish with Aveda Control Force Hairspray.


Look by CJ.  Photography by Lindsey.