History of Ombre Hair

Posted on July 17, 2014 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

For those that don’t know, ombre is the graduation of color. It can be black fading to white, red fading to yellow or in our case, brunette hair fading to blonde hair. Since this hair trend’s seemingly accidental creation, many forms have been tried on for size, or shall we say reaction.

What looked like a women’s forgetfulness to color her outgrowth has turned into one of the biggest hair color trends since frosted tips (see N’Sync in the 90s).

I think the first public figure to sport this fading hair trend and look good doing it was Gisele Bundchen. Her extremely natural-looking ombre can be traced back to 2007.

Since then, stars, or their masterful hair colorists, have been trying to recreate this natural gradation of color. Sometimes it’s a subtle fade, and other times it’s more drastic.

Most hair color looks best when it seems natural, but this world is full of daring and trend-setting people. So isn’t it natural to see some more unique creations of ombre? We think so. There have been colored ombres, pastel ombres, reverse ombres and even man ombres. With eight years in the spotlight, this color trend’s time may be up, but it’s hard to beat such a low maintenance look.

While there are tons of do-it-yourself articles and blog posts out there telling us how to create this sometimes costly color service at home, we really recommend leaving it to the professionals. This is our hair were talking about, and although most things can be fixed, it can be more damaging to try to undo what has been poorly done.