Hair Accessories

Posted on January 23, 2015 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

Some might say that with an amazing haircut from a top hair stylist, your hair doesn’t need anything else. Others might say that an accessory for your hair will enhance its style. But we obviously say that it depends on the style, occasion and individual.

Hair accessories range from elastic hair ties to jeweled barrettes. They can be worn everyday or just for special occasions. A bridal updo can be filled with crystals and flowers. But another bride may want something simple with just a few hidden pins. A bobby pin can help you achieve the perfect french twist while not even showing its face, and a crystal encrusted hair comb can elegantly pull unruly hair aware from your face.

A few rules of guidance about hair accessories:

  1. They are not only for brides on the day of their wedding and teens on their prom night.

  2. Keep the accessory light in weight and delicate in design so it doesn’t pull your hair down or distract from your hair.

  3. Limit one accessory per hair style unless the accessory is small and the multiples are the same.

  4. If you do not know how to wear a certain accessory, ask your hairstylist!

Whether you’re getting a haircut in our Chicago salon or North Shore salon location or doing your hair at home, an accessory can definitely be easily added. It doesn’t always have to be an elaborate updo. A simple jeweled bobby pin that hold back a section of hair can show off the dimension of a new custom color. At the same time, a fresh blow out may not need anything.

Or take your hairstyle up a notch with Gordon Salon. Being one of the best salons in Chicago, our stylists love working with their clients to create unique special occasion looks for an event.