how to: 1. Base eyes from lash line to crease with @Aveda eye color trio “Earth Rose” using the middle color with the medium eye color brush 2. Take the Aveda eye definer in “Black Orchid”. Lay color from lash line to crease on the outer edge, leaving out the inner part of the lid. Blend/smudge with Aveda medium eye color brush. 3. Taking the black color from the “Black Tulip” eye color trio, set the pigment over the black eye definer with a medium eye color brush to set. With the eye contour brush, use the singe eye color in “Chia” (tapping off any excess pigment) and using light sweeping strokes, blend the edges through the crease and outer edges. 4. Reapply “Black Orchid” eye definer at the top lash line. To add more drama, also apply to lower lash line from the middle to outer corner. May soften using the eye smudge brush. 5. Apply “illumination” single eye color on lower lash line from the middle to the inner corner. 6. Curl lashes and apply 2-3 coats of “Black Forest” mascara. May add more for more dramatic look. – Holly P.

Posted on December 29, 2016 by Gordon Beauty Blogger