Italian Fashion

Posted on August 1, 2012 by Leah

Italian Fashion“The essence of style is a simple way to say something complex.” – Giorgio Armani

Spending time in Rome inspired me because the men and women treat fashion as a national pastime. There is a legacy of style and design; from the way they dine, to how they approach beauty and fashion. The history of men’s Italian design focuses on the master tailors who were pattern makers. This knowledge of style was passed down from generations of artisans contributing to Italian men’s current fashion. Men’s fashion today is all about textures, tailoring, and trends. Italian fashion influences many parts of the world, including the United States. The men’s line of J. Crew is one example of how Italian designers have influenced our American trends.

Menswear is part of the inspiration for women’s collections in Milan’s Fall 2011 fashion week. Many fashion houses, including Dolce and Gabbana and Moschino have mixed masculine and feminine traits. Everyone should update their wardrobe next fall with menswear influences regarding textures and tailoring. These influences can also be used to achieve new looks in hairstyle and color.

In Italy the quest for quality and beauty is a way of life. Just walking through the streets window-shopping and people watching is an extraordinary experience. The men and women of Rome embrace fashion and make the looks their own. The hair in Rome is the best fashion accessory and reflects current and classic trends. Even the most classic bobs stood out; they were so beautifully simplistic and shiny. Beautiful waves and soft upswept hair were being worn in new and dramatic ways. Bangs (fringe) also remain a strong part of Italian hairstyles. There were deep, multi-dimensional red tones and many soft color melts on chocolate brown hair. I believe Aveda’s formulation was inspired by the Italian hair color lines. Italian hair color is so vibrant and Aveda has captured that in their customized hair color trends. This trip has enriched my vision of fashion and I will enjoy incorporating all that I have learned into my personal fashion inspiration and in my craft as a hair stylist.

Dale, Hair Designer, Gordon in Highland Park