Let It Shine

Posted on November 21, 2014 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? We can’t get enough, but when using sparkle, glitter or shine in our beauty routine, less is more. We don’t want to be walking out of the house looking like a disco ball (unless it’s our halloween costume). But we all have those shimmery shadows in our favorite makeup palette that don’t get that much use. The holiday season is their time to shine, and luckily, that season is here!

Shine and shimmer can be use in many areas on our skin. It can highlight our best features, add some glitz to an understated look and brighten up or deflect attention from the unwanted dark spots. There is shimmer in our lip gloss, shadow, blush and eye liner. It’s everywhere including the decor on all our neighbors’ homes. But we don’t want to blend in. The trick is to stand out without looking like a Christmas tree.

1. Lustrous lip gloss: Lip gloss is probably the easiest way to incorporate sparkle into our beauty routine for the holidays. As much or as little as you want can be layered on top of bare lips or already lipstick coated lips. A high-shine gloss can be added to almost any color to add some glam. Just be careful not to get too crazy with it- otherwise you might end up looking like Baby Spice.

2. Sparkly liner: This holiday perk is more appropriate for a night out. A line of glitter along your lashes will make your eyes pop and sparkle in the light. You can play with fun holiday colors, or you can go super chic with a thick black liner and add sparkles on top. Try applying the sparkle liner on top of your regular liner or shadow so you can follow a guideline.

3. Shimmery shadow: This is one of those products where a little goes a long way. You don’t want your whole lip swimming in a sea of shine. Instead use a gold or silver pigmented shadow to accentuate different areas of your lid. Or if you are dying to use it over the whole surface, at least blend it into a more matted color, too.

4. Shiny powder: This glitter-filled powder does not necessarily need to be used on our faces. In fact, it almost looks better when it’s used as dusting over our exposed skin. Use a big powder brush to dust the tops of your arms or bare legs. Your skin will glow when the light hits it. But before your big night out, make sure you test out any new skin products- some may cause irritation or redness.

5. Dazzling nails: We think this is an area where you can go all out. Have fun with it! Do a full glittery mess, try out a party nail or test your nail tech’s skills by asking her to do a glittery ombre effect. Any amount of glitter on the nails is okay with us. Just don’t forget a top coat.