Mask Your Face

Posted on February 6, 2015 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

In order to understand a skin care facial mask, we need to know what it is, what is does, and when to use it. As an Aveda lifestyle salon in Chicago, our staff and stylists are all about facial masks. And now that Chicago is in the dead of winter, it’s the perfect time to implement that tube of clay hiding under your sink. Or if you don’t have that tube waiting for you, pop into any of our Northshore or Chicago salon locations and choose from Aveda’s many facial mask options (“Guide to Aveda Face Masks” blog post to come).

About facial masks:

A facial mask is a skin care product that is usually a thick substance. It’s used after washing the face, and is typically left on for up to ten minutes. Facial masks can be used all over the face with avoidance of the areas around our eyes. Facial masks can tighten skin, moisturize it, dry it out, infuse it with vitamins, or leave it soft and smooth. Facial masks have different uses and have many benefits. This product can come in clay form, gel form or cream. They can be used in the morning, before bed or in the shower for an extra deep cleanse. Because this product is applied to our faces and left on for an extended amount of time, it’s important to use a mask that contains natural ingredients that won’t harm or irritate skin.

Benefits of facial masks:

1. Besides the obvious benefits of a facial mask that outlined on the product bottle, applying it can be very therapeutic. It takes time to evenly spread the substance onto our face, and then we must chill out for a prescribed amount of time while it works it’s magic. This down time can be used for relaxing or doing another regime skin care.

2. A facial mask allows you to control where you want the treatment to do work. Masks are typically thick and do not slide or drip from the face. They stay put on the spot where applied.

3. Facial masks can be inexpensive or cost effective. They do not need to be used every day, and a little goes a long way. A good facial mask can last you many months.

4. Facial masks can be your way of treating yourself to an at-home facial. Instead of going out to experience a costly facial every month, you can supplement those experience with an at-home facial every other month. Make sure to wear a cozy white robe, fluffy slippers, light a candle and slice some cucumbers for your eyes.

5. Facial masks spend a good amount of time on our skin. That gives it more time to work. Each mask is different, but many of them can tighten our skin by minimizing pores and hydrate skin by infusing it with vitamins.