Oh Olaplex!

Posted on December 5, 2014 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

We love color. We love to go lighter in the summer, darker in the winter and richer all the time. Who doesn’t love the way their hair looks after a freshening up of highlights, ombre or a root touch up? But that love isn’t free. It obviously costs money to keep our hair looking this dimensional. But it also costs our hair. What we mean is that our hair strands pay a small price every time we subject them to the chemicals in hair dye. Of course, Aveda color is much less harsh than other brands, but nonetheless, it still causes some amount of damage. And that damage is worse depending on how light we go. But it’s so hard to stop. We know.

It can be a daily struggle and an ongoing battle watching the condition of our hair worsen with each color appointment. There are the usual solutions: frequent and regular haircuts, conditioning treatments, etc. But now, there is a new solution called Olaplex.

What: Olaplex is a liquid that is added to a hair dye mixture before applying it to clients’ hair.

How: Olaplex contains a molecule that links the broken bonds in strands of hair. It leaves hair stronger than before.

Why: Taking advantage of this new technology once or every time you color will make your hair stronger, make the color last longer, and prevent and fix any prior damage due to coloring.

Where: We now offer Olaplex as a single service in each of our salons or as an add-on to any other service.

It doesn’t matter how the damage was done, Olaplex will make each strand stronger.