Q & A: The Usman Group

Posted on September 7, 2012 by Leah


Gordon Salons & Spas is proud to introduce the new and improved website! At www.gordonsalon.com, it is a breeze to purchase gift cards, Aveda products, and book online. With easy browsing options and user friendly navigation, you are able to explore stylists and service options from wherever you are in the world. We were able to sit down with our web developers, The Usman Group, and discuss what sets our website apart from other websites.


Q: How does a hair salon website differ from other websites?

A: With the route taken with this design, the process of creation was much more complex. Many small elements and details had to be taken into account. We had to think about the photoshoot process more and how these details would be incorporated into the overall feeling of the site. We wanted to make the guest feel like they were already in the store and that they were excited to be there.


Q: What was the most challenging aspect of this process?

A: The most challenging aspect of this process was that everything had to be created from scratch, by hand. The amount of photography that we needed was also a challenging process.


Q: What is your favorite part of the website?

A: The interactivity is the best part. There is a lot of movement with very little clicking. This allows the viewer to digest all the information in segments, so that it is not overwhelming. The website allows the user to gain information while being entertained.


Q: How did your team work together to build this site?

A: Everyone put in an enormous amount of effort. Everyone involved in the project at Gordon Salon brought a lot to the table. There was a vast amount of input from the get go and we put the processes in place. The whole team came together and we maintained constant communication.