Refresh Your Hair With An Organic Texture Treatment

Posted on May 1, 2015 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

Looking for beautiful hair? Gordon Salon now offers Organic Texture Treatments that are great for everyone searching for a longer lasting hairstyle on a day to day basis. Each Gordon location is offering three unique treatments to provide you with the amazing results you’re looking for, leaving you with the gorgeous hair that you see on the red carpet and magazine covers. There are three individual treatments: smoothing, volumizing, and curly; each is USDA organic, meaning they don’t contain harsh chemicals that could compromise the integrity of your hair. The treatments are made with the highest quality of ingredients to ensure fantastic results that leave your hair beautiful and picturesque. Your treatment will take approximately one hour and the results will last from four the six weeks, depending on your daily hair care routine. Wondering which Organic Texture Treatment is right for you? The talented stylists of Gordon Salon are here to help you choose. Call us at 847-266-7777 or stop by today to speak to a stylist about how an Organic Texture Treatment can change the look and feel of your hair.