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Hair Services

Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists are fully licensed, talented, new stylists that are currently in our award-winning, nationally recognized Gordon Training Program. They provide great haircuts and hair color at a budget-friendly rate.

Professional Stylists

Professional Hair Stylists are creative, passionate, and technically excellent hair designers. They perform haircuts, color, texture, and styling services to each guest’s specific request. When considering quality and price, choose a Professional.

Master Stylists

Master Stylists have over 10,000 hours of hair experience and possess exceptional skills that make them our highest-level stylists. When cost is less of a consideration and a high level of experience is required, choose a Master Stylist.

Additional Services

Additional Services are available with Professional and Master Stylists only. These services are available with a preliminary consultation only. Call today to schedule your consultation!

  • Relaxers/Japanese Relaxers
  • Custom Color
  • Perm
  • Extensions

Luxury Blowout Packages

Emerging Artists

4 Blowouts $90
12 Blowouts $240

Professional Stylists

4 Blowouts $133
12 Blowouts $355

Master Stylists

4 Blowouts $205+
12 Blowouts $547+


Makeup Application $40+
Makeup Lesson $55+

Facial Waxing

Brow $20
Lip $17
Chin $17
Sideburn $17


Beauty on Demand (Mini-Facial) $30