Summer Mix Up

Posted on July 14, 2015 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

Doesn’t summer feel like one continuous casual Friday? Some people have shortened summer hours, and others can walk along the lakefront as their commute to and from work. From wearing sandals in the office to getting home with at least 2 hours of daylight still left in the day, there are certain things about this time of year that just mix things up in a good way. So why not mix up your hair styles, too?

Go for wavy and straight hair in one dramatic look. This ponytail is perfect for second-day hair when the top of your head is starting is accumulate oil and the bottom half of your hair is still feeling clean and looking good. Don’t waste a shower on your slightly dirty strands. Slick back your hair into a mid-height ponytail. Add some volumizing spray to the lower portion of your hair to keep it thick and poofy. The contrast of slicked back hair to a voluminous ponytail will look very chic. Separate a small chunk of hair and wrap it around your ponytail band to complete this up-do.

We have all seen the half-up top knot gracing the streets of our city on anyone from 12-year-old girls to hard working 30-year-olds at brunch on the weekend. It’s time to mix this style up by minimizing the top knot portion. All this means is gathering up a smaller section of hair to twist into a bun. Start with just an inch or so of hair on either side of your part. Twist it, then pin it on the top of your head for a super fun summer bun. This probably won’t give your neck any relief on a hot day, but it will definitely keep hair out of your eyes while walking to and from work.

This major mix up might be a little too crazy to believe, but we think it’s worth a try. Shampoo then conditioner. It’s the routine that is as old as time, but what if we switched it up? Condition first, then end with the shampoo. Why switch it up? Conditioning your hair first will infuse it with tons of moisture and prime it for cleansing. Conditioner will detangle and set up a hydrated mane for the shampoo to distribute evenly. Putting the conditioner on first will also benefit women with finer hair. Being able to cleanse it with shampoo will prevent it from weighing down your strands. To fully benefit from this reverse routine, make sure you use the conditioner from root to tip (post shampoo cleanse will prevent build up). Don’t forget to scrub it in. If you’re hair is thick, you can also try conditioner, shampoo then a little bit of conditioner again.