The New Wave

Posted on April 1, 2016 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

Spring in Chicago feels like winter to the beachy towns that are scattered across the coasts of the United States. But just because we can only visit the beach for a few shorts months out of the year, doesn’t mean the beachy style and looks can’t be present year round. Beachy waves have been in style for years now, but every couple of years they get refined and a new version comes about. The latest version is sleek, sophisticated and modern.

Other curly styles have also gotten an upgrade recently. The classic ringlet curl has grown up. Instead of tight, small circles, the curls are more tousled and almost frizzy while still creating a defined look. This type of look is done with a tapered curling wand. The “curl and kick” look, loosely named by Tony Gordon, Salon Owner and Master Stylist at Gordon Salons, is much more commercial and ready to wear than the old-style version of these curls. It’s less done-up and more casual. And anybody can wear it.

Anyone can wear curls as long as they are the right style. Tina Aronson, Master Stylist at Gordon Salon in Lakeview, uses her Enzo Milano 1-inch curling wand on many different types of curls. Versatile tools like this are great to have. “I can create those bouncy ringlets or go for the soft messy beachy waves that are so popular.”

“I use a Black Diamond straightener to curl the hair,” Alexis Lopez, Professional Stylist at Gordon Salon in Wilmette said about how she gets a beachy wave with her clients. “By using the straightener, some ends are straight, but it gives it a very natural all day look.” Marisa Liddane, Emerging Artist at Gordon Salon in Highland Park, says using a flat iron or bigger curling rod are the best to achieve the beachy wave. “I like the ends straight because it does give a more beachy style and a more effortless look.”

Beachy waves seem to be the winning look.