The “Root” of the Problem

Posted on August 8, 2014 by Gordon Beauty Blogger

If you’ve ever colored your hair, you know about this problem! It may not be such a hassle for all of us, but it’s definitely a concern. Whether you are receiving highlights or getting a single process touch up, there is going to be an outgrowth of natural color sooner or later. When thinking about coloring your hair, an outgrowth at your roots is something to consider. Do you care if the outgrowth line is visible? How often do you want to come into the salon to get your color touched up? Are there alternatives to blending the outgrowth line?

The problem isn’t necessarily that you have these roots. The problem is how you deal with them once they’re showing! And I have a few solutions for you:

1. The first and most simple way to deal with your roots is to bite the bullet and come into the salon every three, four or five weeks to get a single process color touch up. It may be $45 each time, but for some people, it’s worth it no matter the price.

2. If the monthly appointment is too much maintenance for you, there is another option. Highlights are less up-keep, and they can more easily blend our natural color with our desired color. The outgrowth line can also be blended with a mixture of highlights and lo-lights.

3. Demi-permanent color is another option. This deposit-only color can be used for a single process or highlights. It’s not permanent, so it will lightly fade with each wash. By the time your roots have grown out, the line will be diffused, which makes it less noticeable.

4. This option is for those that are tight on time! While a full color touch up can take more than an hour, a simple toner only takes about 30 minutes. Although this is not actually changing the color of your outgrowth, it is changing the tone of your hair, which can make the line seem less intense.

Whether you have all of the resources in the world or are living within your means, coloring your hair is a commitment. We make this commitment to ourselves, so it’s up to us to maintain it or embrace your outgrowth.