What is Natural?

Posted on August 15, 2014 by Gordon Beauty Blogger


Lately, the term “all natural” is used on a wide range of products from frozen chicken nuggets to window cleaners. The term is also used in the beauty world a lot. Aveda is a brand in particular that boasts being all-natural in their products and practices. Specifically, all Aveda products contain certain ingredients that are naturally derived. But what does naturally derived actually mean?

Aveda prides itself on having products that are made of natural ingredients. Naturally derived means the ingredients are taken from a natural origin. In Aveda’s case, that is a plant essence, non-petroleum mineral, or another natural source. Not only are the sources natural, but Aveda also works to create relationships with the state or region in which these ingredients originate.

For example, the green paper used in packaging Aveda’s gift sets this past year was hand-made by people in Nepal. Cultivating this mutually-beneficial relationship is extremely important to Aveda; the Aveda brand receives decorative and festive gifts for the holiday season, while the Nepalese were able to use their skills in order to provide for their families.

Other popular ingredients that Aveda naturally derives are aloe, flax seed, green tea, lavender and quinoa. These renewable ingredients are the foundation of Aveda’s products, and provide Aveda users with environmentally-friendly haircare that packs a punch. So if you’re looking to go all-natural, stop by our salon today and pick up some Aveda products!