Brow Coordination

We all know eyebrows are having their moment. But eyebrows in relation to hair color is something else to think about. We get our hair colored, cut and styled with much consideration. Sometimes that is all we consider. The hair on our heads is normally the main event. There’s usually a lot of it, and it takes the most time to grow. But we cannot forget about the opening acts, our eyebrows.


Whenever we change our hair we still have to consider the color of our brows. If we are going lighter, do we want to alter the color of our brows to match? Are we keeping our brows dark to make a statement? Gordon Salon stylists let us know their preferences and the things they look at when working with clients.


“I love eyebrows!” Holly Pistas, Master Stylist at Gordon Salon in Wilmette said. “They are a critical part of someone’s look. Done right, they look fierce! Done wrong, and things could look a little off. It all depends on if you want to make a statement or a more subtle look.” Holly said dark brows with light hair is a bold look and matching fashion colors to your brows can completely change your look. Think turquoise hair, turquoise brows.


“I actually like the dark brown and light hair look,” Alexis Lopez, Professional Stylist at Gordon Salon in Wilmette said. “I feel that making the brows light would make them disappear all together.”


Subtle ombres and naturally placed highlights are in style, but eyebrows have taken a different turn. Dark and bold is what we are seeing. So even if you have naturally dark hair and in turn naturally dark eyebrows, if you are thinking of going lighter leave your brows as is. That kind of statement that is definitely a trend.


“I think sticking with the natural brow color looks best, but I have seen people with fashion colors pull off a fashion color brow as well. It’s bold, but not for everyone.” Alexis said.


“Some of my clients pull off the dark eyebrow and light hair look while I have lifted other client’s brows to match their platinum hair, “ Kailah Krutsch, Professional Stylist at Gordon Salon in Wilmette said. “It all depends on the style and what clients are willing to do with their look to achieve that style.”


Whether your hair is brunette, blonde or fuscia, coordinating your eyebrows in one way or another is a must.