Contour Crazy


Between baking, cooking, strobing, highlighting, cleavage contouring, and clown contouring, the world of makeup may seem like it has gone off the deep end. But most of these techniques are for very special and specific occasions.


Contouring was intended to accentuate different features of our face during a photo shoot or when we are going to be under bright lights. Although it’s not meant for everyday life, there are some subtler ways to emphasize our features and not look like were walking around with tribal stripes on our face.


Different products work for different skin types, but for some simple at-home contouring, a pressed bronzer and powder highlighter should do the trick. These are typically things one should already have in their makeup drawer.


Apply your foundation and concealer as you normally would. Then instead of using the bronzer all over the face, apply only to the strip of skin directly underneath your cheekbones. Blend. Finish with a stroke or two of highlighter on your cheekbones. This gives the effect of a slimmer face and higher cheekbones.


If you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone a little more, cream products provide a very natural looking contour as well and are easy to blend. With a cream bronzing/illuminating palette it’s easier to blend the shades into your skin and create a more seamless look if you are trying to contour and highlight more parts of your face.


Less is more with contouring and highlighting. You can always add more, but starting off with smaller amounts of makeup and gradually layering more on top can help you achieve a desired effect.