Gordon Salon's 2019 Top Trends

In recent years we have seen a ton of throwback trends popping up everywhere from platform shoes, scrunchies, and high waisted jeans. We’ve seen trends from almost every decade come back in style for 2019, including a ton of fun hair trends. Our team at Gordon Salon has had a blast this past year recreating some classic looks with a modern, trendy vibe. As we head into the New Year, we reflect on some of the best trends from this decade and look forward to what 2020 has in store for us. Check out some of our favorite hair trends from 2019 below, everything from tips on achieving throwback hairstyles to maintaining modern fashion colors.


TV shows from the 90’s like Full House and Friends exemplify the hair trends that were all the rage throughout the decade. If you look closely, you’ll notice Phoebe, Rachel and all the 3 Tanner girls frequently rocking a half-up-half down hairstyle. It’s no surprise to see this trend making a comeback. A half up, half down ponytail is easy to recreate and keeps the hair out of your face. All you have you do to achieve this look is section off your hair into two parts, and secure the top section into a bun or ponytail with your favorite scrunchie to make it even more 90’s.


Hair accessories were huge in the late 90’s and early 00’s and they are certainly making a comeback as well. Scrunchies are a great choice if you are going to be wearing your hair up alot because they prevent breakage and cause less damage than regular hair ties. Our stylists at Gordon Salon suggest that if you tend to wear or sleep with your hair tied up, make sure you are using an elastic that won’t damage your hair. Typical hair ties can tend to be too tight, which can cause damage to your hairline and cause breakage over time. Invisibobble hair ties are also a great option if you’re looking for a trendy, cute way to keep your hair out of your face without causing breakage. They come in several different sizes and fun colors, and can be found at any Gordon Salon location. 


Along with bringing back some trends from previous decades, the 2010’s introduced some brand new trends as well. Beach waves became popular early on in this decade, but the trend changed a bit when beach waves with straight ends became increasingly popular in 2019. To achieve this look, Senior Master Stylist Holly at Gordon in the Glen recommends “leaving the bottom inch of your hair out of the curling iron”. It’s a simple and easy way to switch up your current routine and stay up to date with the new trends. 


The #1 most popular hair trend that we have seen at Gordon Salon in 2019 has got to be fashion colors. Just this past fall, Aveda released a brand new line of semi-permanent color called “Vibrants”. Last October, the Gordon Salon team created four gorgeous looks using Aveda’s Vibrants line for a professional photoshoot to showcase their creations. One of our favorite looks from this shoot features a super bright, scarlett red hair color done by Professional Stylist Jacob from Gordon Salon in Lakeshore East. Colors like these last about 18 washes, and are best kept with consistent toners and color touch ups. A bright, bold red is super trendy currently along with other fashion colors like bright blues, pinks, purple and greens. We have even seen a few bright yellow and orange colors come out of the salon as well! The great thing about Aveda’s Vibrants line is that the pure pigment tones can be adjusted to be as pastel or as bright as you would like. If you’re ready to jump on the fashion color trend as we head into the new year, be sure to schedule a consultation with your stylist prior to booking an appointment. Consultations, appointments, questions or concerns can all be addressed by calling Gordon Salons at (847) 266-7777.