Thicker, Fuller Hair Can Be Yours

“The biggest thing is product,” Alexis Lopez, Professional Stylist at Gordon Salon in Wilmette, said about thicker and fuller hair.

Bigger is better right? This is true for pizza, cake, paychecks, etc. Bigger is better when it comes to hair as well. But bigger hair needs to be done right. It doesn’t mean poofy, frizzy and teased. Bigger, better hair is voluminous, and thick with body while still being smooth and shiny.

Like all things, fuller hair starts at the root. The base of your hair, your scalp, is where you the attention needs to be when you want big hair. “The Invati system is amazing, “ Alexis said. “I’ve seen it work.”

When you want to see results, consistency is key. The Invati system is a trio of hair care products that work into your daily regime. The more you use them, the better they work. Products are the first thing to touch your hair, wet or dry, before you use heated tools, your hands, curlers or anything that promises to make your hair full and thick. The correct products nourish your hair from the inside to make it appear how you want on the outside.

“Volumizing tonic, no matter the texture,” Kailah Krutsch, Professional Stylist at Gordon Salon in Wilmette said, “can always be used on some part of the hair strand whether it’s maintaining volume at the base or creating smooth, full ends.”

Another great way to get volume on any type of hair is with the Shampure Dry Shampoo. Applying this to the base of your hair right after a blowout creates a weightless lift and provides lots of texture to work with when styling. “The cool shot button is a must,” Kailah said about techniques to use when blowdrying hair. The blast of cool air this button provides works to freeze your hair in its voluminous place. Make sure to save this step till the end when hair is already dry.

If a client wants thicker or fuller hair, the biggest thing is product. The invati system is amazing and ive seen it work. When it comes to styling, thickening tonic and a round brush are essential! I revive 2nd or 3rd day hair with dry shampoo if it falls flat, its so easy to apply and it soaks up any excess oils in the scalp along with awesome root lift. If the hair is dry, i like to spray a little volumizing tonic in the top section to get volume and shine into the hair.

It definitely depends on the hair type as far as product and styling technique, but in both cases when using a blow dryer to gwt volume... COOL SHOT button is a must!! (:

Volumizong tonic, no matter the texture it can always be using on some part of the hair strand. Weather to maintain volume at base or creat smooth, full ends

Aveda dry shampoo, not any dry shampoo but seriously avedas product takes a away the greasy build up look and creat weightless lift! And it smells great!! I use it weather I'm wearing my natural curls or have blown my hair straight!