Transitional Skincare

Transitional Skincare by Emily Senoff


The weather is changing. Thankfully, right now it’s a gradual shift, but winter will be here before we know it. As the temperature changes, we need to consider how we should switch up our beauty routines. Lip color is one thing, but what about the products we use to care for our lips and the rest of our skin? It’s no secret that when it gets colder out our skin tends to get dryer. This can be prevented and cared for in a number of ways.


Our skin is changing with the weather so that means exfoliation is key. We want to get rid of dead and dull skin cells that aren’t doing anything just sitting there on the top layer of our skin. Getting rid of these cells will make way for fresh and glowing skin and keeps our pores from getting clogged. Start with a light scrub in the morning and before bed to get your skin used to the movement.


One of the most important steps of skin care is toning. Toning our skin balances out the pH level of our skin. After we wash our face, our skin is probably too acidic. This can cause it to become too dry or produce too much oil. When the seasons are changing, we want our skin’s pH level to stay normal.


Keeping our skin moisturized is also key as the weather changes. We will want to consider switching to a heavier moisturizer. During the summer, the air is full of humidity, so a heavy moisturizer probably wouldn’t be fully absorbed by our pores. Now that the air is becoming more dry, we need to make up for that loss of moisture. Instead of reapplying a light cream every 4 hours, a thicker cream twice a day will make sure our pores are fully moisturized.


Switching up just one detail of our skin care routine can allow for some good results, but all of these tips work together to help our skin adjust correctly.