Beauty Bottle Recycling Program

June 23, 2021
Vox Editor

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Three words we’ve heard and used in our day-to-day routine. But what does it mean? To reduce is to not waste as much and/or cut back on something with the goal of being more environmentally friendly, such as 15-minute showers. Reusing is fun to me! You can repurpose so many items (check out Pinterest or YouTube for kind, simple projects) which will help the environment and the Earth. It’s truly so cool to see what you can transform just by not throwing it away (and with some hot glue). Out of all the three terms, recycle is probably the easiest to implement within your daily life. These days you can recycle many things and it’s so simple! Clothes can be donated to shelters, glass candle jars can be turned into containers for anything, old socks can become cleaning rags, shoeboxes are perfect for cute little places to store crafting or any kind of supplies. And now, something we call all do, beauty bottles can be recycled at all five Gordon Salon locations.

The Beauty Bottle Recycling Program is new to Gordon Salons but has been implemented for some time now. These containers are usually at the heart of the entrance of each salon, they are beautifully designed storage containers for your empty beauty bottles! Check the back of your empty Aveda container to see if it is considered a “1” or “2” type of packaging as those are the only types we can accept at this time. We do accept non-Aveda items that are of the “1” and “2” material; you won’t be able to earn any Gordon Points currently for those items, though I encourage you to do so anyway! Once the Beauty Bottle recycling containers are at maximum capacity, they will be sent to the local recycling centers at each location respectfully.

Beauty Bottle Recycling Program

Please be aware that these are not, in fact, large, funky-shaped trash cans. These are specifically for you to bring your beauty container back and recycle it instead of throwing it away or putting it in the recycling bin. But, why would you want to bring a bottle all the way back to the salon? Well, it’s an excellent investment for the planet and for your wallet. A fair few people I have spoken to that don’t work in the salon industry didn’t know that you could recycle your old shampoo or conditioner containers! Isn’t that crazy! If you check the back of your favorite Aveda product, more than most are made with a percentage of a post-consumer PET (or polyethylene terephthalate) bottle, which is really unique in Aveda’s effort to be earth-conscious. Instead of having the bottle sit in a landfill somewhere or floating in the ocean, wouldn’t you want to recycle the bottles if you can so they can be made to use for another bottle or squeeze container? I know that sounds pretty good to me!

Of course, your efforts in contributing to our Beauty Bottle Recycling Program don’t go in vain either. Each bottle you donate gets you 250 Gordon Points. The next question I hear you asking if you are not aware right now is: what are Gordon Points? Well, let me tell you, dear reader: think of Gordon Points as you would cash in all four locations of Gordon Salon. Once you have enough Gordon Points, you can exchange them for offers on products and such. Please call us or see one of our lovely staff for more details about Gordon Points.

Maintaining the Earth, helping the planet, and keeping Gordon sustainable and healthy is as easy as “1”, “2”, recycle!