Photoshoots Are a Time to BLOOM

May 12, 2021
Vox Editor

The phrase, “spring has sprung” in Chicagoland is sort of a taboo subject. Recently, Mother Nature has teased us and played pranks on us with a handful of seemingly perfect, sunny days. Then she sends us gloomy, overcast filled, melancholy days with the hope of some sunshine peeking through the clouds a day or two in the week. But, I can tell you with certainty that on April 18th, 2021, our Lakeshore East location of the Gordon Salon family branch was in full BLOOM — the name of our Spring/Summer marketing campaign!

This was only my second photoshoot with Gordon Salon (and certainly not the last!), however the dynamic that the leads, models, photographer Ox and my fellow co-workers had was incredible! Being involved with something creative is really cool in-of-itself, but, being hands on, knowing what went into the final photo is truly rewarding. Some of the shots included plants or another model—sometimes all five of them which was very captivating to watch flourish before my eyes!

The day went as smoothly as the sleek blow out I gave one of our models. Speaking of models: I did the seemingly “easy” part of styling or curling a head of hair or two, but the models themselves were tasked with the job of modeling their styled strands on themselves. As a retired child model myself, I know it is easier said than done! Thank you to all of our models for spending the day with us and for, of course, modeling the structured cuts and colorful vibes on your locks!

Touching on the topic of what BLOOM was all about, I had a chance to talk with some of the leads for the project on their thoughts on the photoshoot. Read further to get the scoop on the little things that go into making a photoshoot blossom to life! (I wonder how many flower puns I can throw in here before you make like a tree and leaf this article? Okay, okay, I’m done for now.).

Kyle Stas, a Professional Stylist and one of the talented educators for the Gordon GEA’s, was the hair lead, making the hair team focus on perfection. Alli Nicole Miller is a Master Stylist as well as the makeup lead, making everyone look so spectacular for this special day. Last but certainly, NEVER least: Theo Mason currently is the wonderful desk/location manager as well as creative and artistic director for the Bloom photoshoot, bringing everyone’s collective visions to life. Everyone is rooted in the Lakeshore East location of Gordon Salon as of writing this article.

Lexa Grzych: “What inspired the three of you to collaborate and create new images for Gordon Salon?”

Theo Mason: “We create two main campaigns a year, so we are a well oiled machine at this point. We are just operating in season to display our salon’s greatest work”.

Kyle Stas: “Our team was inspired to create the 5 images because Gordon wants to start using only Gordon images in the salon and for salon marketing. Most salons use their hair brands images instead of their own work. Which isn’t bad but I believe it really sets us apart.”

LG: “What was the inspiration for the hair, makeup, outfit, and backdrop/ elements added in at the Bloom photoshoot?”

TM: “The blossoming new season and the metaphorical blossoming much of humankind is doing as well. Coming out of such a stark season into some wider glimpse of hope gave us inspiration to celebrate the beauty of our ensuing season. Collectively we just wanted to bring joy back into the community. Color! Fantasy! Joy!”

KS: “The team came up with the idea of Bloom. Which we thought would be incredible for spring/summer 2021. It seems pretty obvious but coming out of a year of darkness into a year of hope and opportunity, bloom seems to be the only option for 2021. We wanted to do 5 images of short hair. It’s very fitting with the idea of clean tight short images. Such as a seedling bursting through the soil.”

LG: “Have you all worked with the photographer before? If so, what was the reason for asking for them back? If not, what inspired you to work together with them?”

TM: “Ox is a friend-of-a-friend that came highly recommended. We loved his clean and commercially appealing work, so we requested he be a part of our SS21 campaign. I generally like to push to try new photographers per season to celebrate different voices/perspectives.”

LG: “Bloom reminds me of spring and/ or flowers and in turn nature! Did each of you have any colors or shapes in mind that were inspired by things found in nature?”

TM: Mimicking nature is an honor, and comes short of no inspiration. We leaned into a mix of soft and vivid colors to reflect the delight of spring. We also played into balance by sharing defined cuts and an organic set and wardrobe. Each talent was a divine flower incarnate!

KS: “The colors were done to have block colors which are super trendy right now. We also wanted to have them be pastel/muted because in bloom the color is there, but, not to the fullest potential. That is yet to come. ;)”

LG: “Anything else you want to add here!”

TM: “A flower is a lovesome thing.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you to Theo and Kyle for voicing their thoughts into words! It was very informative to see all the hard work that goes into a photoshoot.

Thank you again to the leads, the photographer, the models, and to my fellow co-workers who participated in such a fun and inspiring Sunday together! Ready to be on a photoshoot team with you all again soon! Remember to flourish and BLOOM everyday in some aspect of your life!

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Lexa Grzych