Get Ready for 2024 With These Trending Hairstyles

December 26, 2023
Vox Editor

Do you want to know what hairstyles will be the hot trend in 2024? It’s always fun to switch up your look and try something new, because I work with so many career oriented women and busy mothers, I know how important it is to feel confident and stylish while working. You deserve to feel fashion forward and beautiful no matter what, so let’s take a deep dive into some of the most popular hairstyles for 2024!

Get Ready for 2024 With These Trending Hairstyles

1. Bob with Fringe

The classic bob is timeless, so adding a fringe (or bangs) will give it a modern look. In 2024 the bob will be shorter, with a length that just skims the chin, highlighting your jawline, cheekbones and eyes. The fringe has become more texturized this past year, allowing for movement and a softer, less striking frame to the face. Highly recommended for hair with some wave or curl for ease of style.

The classic bob with fringe

“I truly believe this cut works on any hair texture. Curly, straight, wavy, and even the finest hair can wear this truly classic style.” 

Cat, Emerging Artist in Gordon Salon Evanston

“I recommend that you allow yourself a bang trim every 3-4 weeks to resist the urge to cut it yourself. Once the fringe is cut too blunt, it alters the whole look of the haircut to something a bit more serious. In the instance your fringe gets too long, use our flat styling clips to create a curtain bang in the meantime until you’re able to book your trim.” 

Ronnie, Master Stylist at Gordon Salon Evanston

2. The Soft Layers

If you prefer longer hair, soft layers are going to be a trend in 2024. This hairstyle gives a sleek and modern look while adding volume to your hair. To get this style, ask your hairstylist for layers that start at the jawline and blend down to your perimeter. You can wear this hairstyle with either straight or wavy hair, and it works well with all hair types. We recommend you always bring in photo references (personal favorite: Pinterest) for the ideal layers you are looking for. 

Long Soft layers

“Soft layers are my most requested style since early 2023. It allows for a variety of styling options and is flattering even up in a claw clip. Depending on how it is styled, it can look 70’s organic chic fresh out of the shower or supermodel voluminous after round brushing. Take your pick!” 


3. The Textured Pixie Cut

If you’re feeling bold and ready to add some drama to your style, the textured pixie cut is going to take over in 2024. Edgy and feminine, the texture can be created using Aveda’s Shampowder Dry Shampoo and Texture Tonic, allowing a harmonious balance of dimension and volume. This hairstyle works best for petite or heart-shaped faces. 

The textured pixie cut

“I have had a textured pixie since July, and I have never felt more confident. It carves my face out just right. For an even more modern edge, growing this cut out gives it the perfect mullet-y silhouette which is all the rage.” 


2024 is the year for a new hairstyle!

When it comes to hair, just remember, don’t be afraid to try something new and ask your stylist which look might compliment your faceshape the most. Book your appointment at a Northshore or Chicago based Gordon Salon near you.